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Winbond Ultra HMLC 400ml Sausage / Foil Pack

Winbond Ultra HMLC 400ml Sausage / Foil Pack

SKU: 104004
PriceFrom £7.85
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Winbond Ultra HMLC is a fast cure, high modulus, low conductive, high viscosity, moisture curing Polyurethane adhesive / sealant for automotive direct glazing. 30 Minute Drive Away Time.


Winbond Ultra HMLC must be used in conjunction with Winbond Combo Glass/Paint Primer.


Foil packs offer a low waste, highly economical and eco friendly alternative to cartridges, especially suitable for high volume usage.


Per sausage, also availble in a box of 12 sausages with uncut nozzles. 

Technical Data Sheet and MSDS available on request. Please call or email if you require any further information.

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