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Winbond Sixty Primerless Adhesive

Winbond Sixty Primerless Adhesive

SKU: 107003
PriceFrom £8.50
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Winbond Sixty Primerless Adhesive, 290ml Cartridge is a fast curing, flexible and high performance, silyl-terminated polymer adhesive and sealant for primerless automotive direct glazing and adhesion to the widest range of substrates.


It is suitable for the bonding of windscreens and side or rear glass of motorcars, buses, trucks, cabins and specialist vehicles.


Ideal for the bonding of fibreglass reinforced plastic elements (roof, side and frontal panels) to structures. 1 Hour Drive Away Time with dual airbags, tested to FMVSS 212.


Per Cartridge, also comes in a box of 12 with nozzles.

Technical Data Sheet and MSDS available on request. Please call or email if you require any further information.

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