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WK10HD BTB Air powered Tool

WK10HD BTB Air powered Tool

SKU: 591001 WK10HD
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The BTB™ system is an all-encompassing system for the removal of glass, mouldings, emblems, and body panels. At the heart of this system is the WK10HD Power Tool. This tool has an exclusive short and fast In-line stroke that absorbs the reciprocal cutting action of the blades. It is small, powerful and lightweight. The nylon head avoids scratching glass or painted panels. The tool is CE rated, has a fully adjustable speed, stroke and power and you can change the blade in 10 seconds. 


Power Source: Air-Powered 

Strokes Per Minute: 6500 

Stroke Length: 0-1/4" Variable 

Tool Weight: 2.5 lbs. 

Noise: 77-79 dBA 

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